Magnetic Dress-up Doll Organization

My parents bought L a magnetic dress-up doll set for last Christmas. I love this toy because it is super cute and entertains the girls.


What I don’t love is the mess it makes because the girls dump out all the little pieces and then kick and scream when I ask them to clean up.

After seeing a similar set-up at a local activity studio, I decided to set up a dress-up doll station on a wall which serves as both a play and storage area.


The set came with a narrow doll house which I used 3M strips to stick to the wall. This is where the dolls hang out. Then I flanked the doll house with magnetic white boards on either side. Now all the little pieces stick to these boards rather than making a mess on the floor!

As an added bonus, L doesn’t even need the dolls to play anymore. She loves creating outfits just on the white board with the pieces… definitely her mother’s daughter!


The space before was just used for a table and chairs.


I placed everything high enough so that the table and chairs can still use the same wall, making it multi-functional!


3 thoughts on “Magnetic Dress-up Doll Organization

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