Multipurpose Curtains

While our basement is technically one big room, there are a couple of partial walls which separate the space without entirely closing it off.

One of these walls is between our new tv area and the back corner of the basement.  The plan is to turn this back space into a guest room but for ride now, it is storage.  Unfortunately the wall separating these two spaces has a big ol’ cut out which allows you to see into our messy storage space.  Not exactly the impression I want to make when people visit.  Especially when we just refinished the space!


Messy storage area

Solution?  Curtains!


Curtains in the basement

These curtains serve to hide the mess but they also look pretty and add an element of design.


Easy way to cover up the mess

Originally I was planning on DIY-ing some curtains.  I even bought some white panels from Ikea and some paint in my planned colour scheme.  Luck would have it that I was in Home Sense one day and came across some almost perfect shower curtains (you wouldn’t know it, right?)

The only colour missing was the yellow which I so desperately wanted to bring into the space.  I got out my paint brush and took matters into my own hands.  I LOVE THESE!

What do you guys thing?  Does this count as a DIY? 🙂

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