Friday Faves – February 7

I feel like lately, with the exception of Jenn’s pregnancy pics, I’ve been slacking when it comes to quality blog posts.

This winter is taking a toll on me… we have had an exceptionally cold and snowy Toronto this season and when I get the girls down at night and finally have some time to myself, I’m not very motivated to work on projects.  I kinda just want to curl up on the couch, watch Dance Moms and drink some hot chocolate – which may or may not have Baileys in it 🙂

Also, the weather is making it difficult to work on some larger scale projects.  Sanding and spray painting aren’t ideal for inside.  Oh well!

Here are some of my favourite things from Pinterest this past week related to this cold and snowy season.

Stone Boot Trays


Source: Dollar Store Crafts

Such a smart idea for keeping floors clean at the front door.  And the items came from the dollar store so it would be inexpensive to make!

Leather Boot Cleaner


Source: 11&Chic

Although I’ve been trying to wear my winter boots when there is snow, I’ve been wearing my “fashion boots” (as L would call them) when the situation calls for it.  As a result, my boots are a mess.  This tip uses vinegar to get rid of salt stains.  Definitely trying this out when all the snow melts!

Knit Wrap Shrug


Source: Ravelry

This would be the perfect solution to my cold office and it looks much cuter than the hoodie I keep by my desk!

Button Infinity Scarf


Source: Etsy

I love this!  If I ever learn to sew, this will be one of the first projects I make!

Coconut Curry Chicken


Source: Sally Cooks

Doesn’t this look amazing?  It looks like the kind of meal that would warm you right through.  Yum!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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