Small Closet Organization Using Cubbies and Baskets

I love baskets and storage bins.  There are a great storage solution (especially for kids) because they hide clutter without requiring an intensive clean up.  Throwing things quickly into baskets is a quick way to clean up and hide away a mess.  Although, if you’re anything like me, each basket serves a purpose which also makes finding things a breeze!

I recently reorganized E’s closet buy adding a cubbie shelf and some canvas storage bins.

theelmlife_organization_closetbefore (Large)

E’s closet before

In addition to the storage space with each cubbie, there is also the added storage of the ‘shelf’ made by the top of the cubbie unit.  I could easily store books up here or smaller items within shorter baskets.

theelmlife_organization_closetafter (Large)

E’s closet after

Recognize the shelf and the storage bins?  I also have the same set-up in L’s room!

The shelf is a couple years old but the canvas baskets came from the dollar store.  They were $2 each and the pink is a perfect compliment to the DIY fabric artwork I have in E’s room.  They also had blue, brown and beige.  They won’t last forever but the one’s I have in L’s room are coming up to a year old and only one has lost it’s handle.  All the rest are in good shape!

My next step for organizing E’s closet is to put a shelf above the clothing rod to store seasonal and infrequently used items.

Do you have any suggestions for keeping kids’ rooms organized?

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