New Basement Laundry Room/Bathroom Reno Reveal

Our new basement bathroom is complete!

We started with a laundry room in the basement that needed some work.  In addition to not looking great, the room was a decent size that was being underutilized.

theelmlife_homerenos_laundryroom_before1 (Large)

Laundry Room Before

theelmlife_homerenos_laundryroom_before2 (Large)

Laundry Room Before


With 2 growing girls and only 1 bathroom, it made sense to add one into this space.  We were able to fit in a shower, toilet and sink in addition to our existing washing machine.

theelmlife_homerenos_laundryroom_after1 (Large)

Laundry Room After

theelmlife_homerenos_laundryroom_after2 (Large)

Laundry Room After


You may have noticed that our dryer is no longer in the space.  Unfortunately our washer and dryer are older, apartment sized models and I had no luck locating a discontinued stacking kit.  Our contractor did a great job of providing us with a few possible solutions and we decided the best option for us was to move the dryer to the furnace room (right through the door beside the sink) and install a cabinet where the dryer would have gone for extra storage.  So far, this option is working out great!

While I wouldn’t say we necessarily did this project on the cheap, I would consider the job inexpensive.  In the end, we spent $6,235.  Not bad considering our original budget was $15,000!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Fixtures: $2,085 (toilet: $270, sink: $315, shower: $1,500)
  • Flooring (and wall tiles): $350 (shout out to M for finding these tiles for $1.99/square foot and our contractor for making them work with our highly uneven floor)
  • Other materials: $1,300
  • Labour: $2,500

Next up is bringing some colour into the space through accessories and artwork (DIY of course!)  Stay tuned!

Oh, and if anyone is looking for a contractor in the GTA/central east region of Ontario, let me know because I would fully recommend ours!

3 thoughts on “New Basement Laundry Room/Bathroom Reno Reveal

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