Bathroom Printables

Now that the basement bathroom renos are complete, it’s time to start jazzing up the space with some DIY artwork!

First off, my colour scheme is finalized.  I went with grey, aqua, lilac and plum:


Source: Pinterest

What do you guys think?

Because the space is currently just grey and white, I’m planning on using artwork to bring in some colour.

My first DIY artwork project is some bathroom appropriate word art:

theelmlife_DIY_bathroomprintables1 (Large)

Bathroom word art: Wash, brush, floss & flush


theelmlife_DIY_bathroomprintables2 (Large)

Bathroom word art: So fresh & so clean, clean

I’m planning on putting these in some 8 x 10 aqua frames (still to be sourced) and hanging above the toilet.  I’ll be sure to post a pic once they’re up!

Interested in getting this word art?  Here is the PDF of the first image and here is the PDF of the second image.  Enjoy!

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