DIY Initial Artwork – S

So this week I’m getting serious about ‘styling’ the basement.  I did a huge clean/organize of the play area on the weekend, I started on the dress-up centre organization yesterday and I’m working away on the artwork (nothing like having company come over in a week to provide motivation!)

I officially have my first piece of art up and of course it was a DIY project!

Pulling shades of blue from the curtains, I used a watercolour background and thanks to my favourite free online tool, Pic Monkey, I added a graphic element and the first initial of our last name, S.


DIY initial artwork for above the couch

Besides my time (which was pretty minimal!), all this project cost was $3 for the frame from the dollar store – not bad!  Definitely some budget artwork.

Here’s the image file which shows a better representation of the colours.


Initial artwork: white on blue background

What do you guys think?

I’m hoping to have some painted artwork up by this weekend.

2 thoughts on “DIY Initial Artwork – S

    • Thanks! It’s even easier now that they’ve added a ‘design’ option so you can start with a blank image in different sizes!

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