Old Bookcase to Dress-up Storage

Today I had the day off work and I spent it with my mum.  We had a wonderful day shopping – Target, the mall and Ikea (plus a delicious meatball lunch!)  Having the day off also gave me the time to finish a project I have been working on for the past week.

Since renovating the basement, we have some extra bookcases kicking around.  I’m not one for throwing furniture out so I decided to repurpose it into some dress-up storage for the kids.

Here’s what I started with:


Dress-up Storage Before

And now here is what we have for the basement play area:


Dress-up Storage After

This was super easy to do.  I just added a closet rod (which I got for $5 at Canadian Tire) and some storage baskets from the dollar store.  This is going to be so functional.  The dress-up clothes are nicely on display (rather than being shoved in bins) and all the accessories are categorizes and sorted (for now anyway!)

I still want to jazz it up a little bit but I’m still unsure how.  I’m thinking of painting the sides and adding some curtains.  I’ll keep you updated!

Have a great weekend!

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