Healthy Mom Challenge: Week 1 Challenge

So I had full intentions of launching this last week… and then I got sick 😦

I figured this whole process is about getting healthier so it would be ok if I took an extra week to recover 🙂

So, for anyone who missed my post from a couple weeks ago, I am launching a new feature on the blog: The ELM Life’s Healthy Mom Challenge!

In a nut shell, I’m trying to get healthier. I want to change my eating habits, get more physically activity and work on my generally wellness. I want this to not only impact me but also my family.

I am planning on doing this through weekly challenges that are easy to implement and also sustainable so I can keep them up.

Originally, there were going to be 3 challenge a week: 1 related to physical activity, 1 related to healthy eating and 1 related to general wellbeing and happiness. Then I decided to scale it back to 1 challenge a week… my whole plan involved easy to implement and sustainable lifestyle changes so I didn’t want to get overwhelmed with trying to do too much. Instead, I will be doing 1 challenge a week which will either be related to physical activity, health eating or general wellbeing and happiness.

So, why am I blogging about it? A couple reasons: First off, I want to be accountable. I have thought (and said!) so many times that I would change things but I have yet to do so. Second off, I want to let people know that it doesn’t need to be a big process – little changes can add up to big lifestyle impacts.

Alright, so onto my first challenge!


Start a food journal

This is the one I’m most nervous about publicizing because I know my eating habits aren’t as good as they use to be before the girls came around. It isn’t uncommon for me to have coffee for breakfast, convenience food for dinner and to have way too many snacks throughout the day. Food diaries have been proven to help people lose weight and while that isn’t my intended outcome, I’m sure it can help me with my goal of eating healthier if I keep with it (and I certainly won’t complain if my pants start to fit a little better)

I’ll check back in a week and let you know how the first week went!

If you have any recommendations for a weekly challenge, please let me know! You can use the comments tool below or tweet me @TheELMLife using #healthymomchallenge

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