Healthy Mom Challenge: Week 2 Challenge

I got back from my NYC trip yesterday and had an AMAZING time!  I will write a post later in the week letting you know all about it.  Remember my itinerary?  I’ll let you know everything we got around to doing and what I would pass on next time.

In the interim, here is my second Healthy Mom Challenge.


Count your steps

This challenge is all about getting active.  I’m strapping on a pedometer to track how many steps I take each day.  Experts recommend taking 10,000 steps each day.  I’m pretty confident I am nowhere near that but I want to see how far off I am 🙂  I wish I would have brought the pedometer to NYC with me… we did a ton of walking!  Let’s see how I stack up in my day to day life where I drive to work and sit at a desk for 8 hours.  Wish me luck!

If you recall, last week’s challenge had me start a food journal.  Doing so definitely made me more cognisant of what I was putting in my mouth.  That being said, I didn’t really restrain myself 🙂  In all fairness, last week was a tough week with all the left over Easter goodies, my birthday, and my NYC trip where I was eating out for every meal.

Now that I’ve laid out my excuses, here’s how I did:


Breakfast: granola bar, banana
Lunch: chicken with bean sprouts, beef and veggies (leftover Chinese food)
Dinner: chicken burger, Caesar salad
Snacks: peanut butter cup, apple, Babybel cheese, peanut M&Ms, Nibs, 4 chocolate eggs


Breakfast: latte, banana
Lunch: all you can eat sushi (it got a little out of hand so I won’t even attempt to list everything)
Dinner: pulled pork chimichanga, salad
Snacks: apple, Babybel cheese, pear, 2 chocolate eggs


Breakfast: banana, granola bar, coffee
Lunch: cheese tortellini with veggies
Dinner: pasta with meatballs, brownie for dessert
Snacks: piece of coffee cake


Breakfast: date square, banana
Lunch: pasta with meatballs
Dinner: cheese and toast
Snacks: mini eggs, nachos and dip, chocolate toffee bark, apple


Breakfast: cappuccino, banana and chocolate chip muffin
Lunch: pieces of Hawaiian pizza
Dinner: bacon cheeseburger, mixed drink
Snacks: bag of veggie chips, 2 shortbread cookies, lemon cupcake


Breakfast: latte, sausage breakfast sandwich
Lunch: buffalo chicken sandwich
Dinner: 4 pieces of thin crust pizza, mixed drink
Snacks: 2 shortbread cookies


Breakfast: cappuccino, bagel with cream cheese and tomato, fruit cup
Lunch: salad
Dinner: fish and chips, 2 mixed drinks
Snacks: street pretzel

My take away from this past week is that I need to watch my snacking.  I have a major sweet tooth and if junk is available, it’s going in my mouth!  I am going to try to work on that for this week!

If you have any recommendations for a weekly challenge, please let me know! You can use the comments tool below or tweet me @TheELMLife using #healthymomchallenge

5 thoughts on “Healthy Mom Challenge: Week 2 Challenge

  1. Kudos for keeping a food journal! I tried this so many times and only lasted 3 days max. I can’t wait to hear about your NYC trip, I can’t believe I’m going twice this year but the first time I’ll be confined to the Javits Center. Hmph.

    • I brought it to NYC with me and pulled it out at every meal, lol. Are Avery and Madeline going with you to the show?

      • So dedicated! I would’ve totally written “on vacation, will resume next week.” And heck no, they’re staying here. We just came back from the states, I need a bigger buffer than this, lol.

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