Pregnancy Photo Follow-up: Meet Baby W!

This post is way over due!  The pic was taken and edited a good 2 months ago.  Jenn and I were planning a retake the week after and life got in the way!  Fast forward several weeks and I realized that there was no closure to my pregnancy pics series.  Sorry about that!

Without further ado, please meet Mr. Logan Malcolm!


Meet Baby W!

I had such a great time doing this project with Jenn and photo documenting her pregnancy.  I hope she enjoys the keepsake photos it has left her with!

Missed Jenn’s pregnancy pics?  Check them out below.

12 weeks
16 weeks

Gender reveal
24 weeks
28 weeks
32 weeks

36 weeks

Also, Jenn has now written 2 guest posts for the blog.  Check them out!

Dresser Refinishing
Garage Conversion

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