Healthy Mom Challenge: Week 4 Challenge

Happy Monday everyone!  Ready for this week’s Healthy Mom Challenge?  Here it is!



Limit the Treats

During the first week’s challenge, I started a food journal and tracked everything I ate.  This activity confirmed what I had thought – I eat way too many treats.  My challenge for this week is to limit this to 1 treat/day.  This may be a bit difficult for me 🙂  Case in point, I am currently enjoying my third treat of the day.  I got an iced cap from Timmies during lunch, ate some leftover Easter candy when I got home from work and made up some mug cake with ice cream for dessert.  Yum!  Tomorrow, I start rationing my treats!

Last week’s challenge had me limiting the amount of time I spend on my tech.  My goal was to put my phone away when I got home from picking the girls up from daycare and not pick it back up until after they went to bed.  While I wasn’t perfect everyday, my usual 15 minutes was cut down to less than 5 on the days that I didn’t put my phone entirely away.  I also became more conscious of my habits as a result of this challenge and tried to be more present in what was going on in real time in my surroundings.  I would call this one a success!

If you have any recommendations for a weekly challenge, please let me know! You can use the comments tool below or tweet me @TheELMLife using #healthymomchallenge

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