Throwback DIY: Reception Place Cards & Centrepieces

For my last DIY wedding project post, I wanted to talk about the place cards M and I used for our reception.  While the cards themselves weren’t really anything fancy, it was how we used them that was special.

Rather than a traditional tent card, each place card was a flat piece of cardstock with a ribbon at one end.  We asked each guest to write something special on the back and hang it on the ‘wishing tree’ at the centre of each table.


M and I still have all the cards and I think going through them tomorrow would be a great activities to reflect on the five years since our wedding!

4 thoughts on “Throwback DIY: Reception Place Cards & Centrepieces

    • I can’t believe it’s been five years either! Girls are going to your parents’ place tonight and we are going out to celebrate (with Red Lobster and the new X-men movie, lol)

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