DIY Hanging Kitchen Shelf

With a small kitchen, counter space is as a premium.  I’ve been wanting to add a shelf below the cabinets to add some extra space but screwing anything into the wall was a no-go with our tiled backsplash.

I decided to rig something up with wood, twine and 3M Command Hooks which is working out perfectly!


Here’s how I did it:

Step 1: Gather your supplies


I used a piece of wood, twine from the dollar store, 3M Command Hooks and a power drill.

Step 2: Drill your holes


I measured first and marked these out with marker before drilling.

Step 3: Stick up your hooks

I missed taking a picture of this step but I used 3 hooks for each side.  Each hook was good for 2 lbs so I wasn’t concerned about the weight of the shelf.

Step 4: Attached your twine

Another pic I missed but this was probably the step which took the longest.  I had some issues trying to get the twine even on both sides but I eventually worked it out!

Step 5: Install and enjoy!


This project cost about $15 and surprisingly, only took about 20 minutes to make.  A great quick and easy, budget-friendly project to help de-clutter the kitchen.  Am I the only one who seems to have way too many random items accumulating on my kitchen counter?

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