Curtain Rod Wall Storage

My laptop is giving me grief tonight (so. very. slow.) so I’m going to make this post short and sweet.

I recently made some good use of the empty wall space behind the door in our bedroom.  I installed curtain rods and am using them to store my necklaces, belts and M’s ties.

The best part about this project?  It’s a tie between the fact that it only took 20 minutes or that I got the curtain rods from the dollar store for $1.50 each.

Here was the space before:


And here it is after:


Notice that the shoes are also gone?  M is so excited about that because the over-the-door storage was driving him nuts.  I’ve found a new home for all my footwear but that is for another post another day 🙂

Oh, and remember the necklace storage I DIY’ed a few months ago?  I have put it to good use as purse storage!






3 thoughts on “Curtain Rod Wall Storage

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