DIY Front Entry Organizer

It is my ongoing quest to organize the house.

Our latest challenge was all of the loose papers/mail/random stuff that make their way into the house and just sit on a shelf.

My solution was to use clothes pins on a piece of wood.


Here was the space before:


And here is the space after:


Now everything has a home when it comes in the house but is still super accessible.

In additional to being functional, this project was also quite inexpensive.  I already had the clothes pins and the wood was $2 a piece at my local home improvement store which I then painted (with supplies on hand, of course!)

I have plans to further organize this space by adding a console table but that is for another day.

Stayed tuned this week for another use for this clothes pins and wood project.  Hint… I’ve also used it in the playroom!

Happy Sunday everyone!

2 thoughts on “DIY Front Entry Organizer

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