Outdoor Pallet Furniture

I finally got around to building the pallet couch I have been planning for since the beginning of summer.

I started with 5 pallets that I acquired from my neighbour and as a result, they were free!


Then it was time for sanding and painting.  During this step I was about ready to can the whole project because it was hard work in the hot sun!  But I definitely feel accomplished having stuck with it!


Once the pallets were ready, I added some legs and then put it all together!  I used the 2 larger pallets for the seat and the 3 smaller pallets for the back.


The benefit of working on this project later in the summer is that I got the cushions on sale!  The base cushions are for a lounger but were discounted 50% to $24.  The small red pillow were also discounted to $4.  Score!  The other cushions were ones I had lying around the house that I covered in outdoor fabric that I purchased last summer when I had aspirations of making over the backyard.  I guess better late than never!

Tomorrow is L’s birthday party and I am excited to share all the DIYs I made for it.  Stay tuned!

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