Birthday Party DIYs

Yesterday was L’s 4th birthday party which we hosted at our place. Including the girls, there were about 14 kids and 13 parents and it was more than a little chaotic at times! While everyone had a great time, I’m kinda glad it’s over with! There was a lot of time and effort which went into planning and DIY-ing (and the post-party clean-up!) and I’m excited to relax a little.

Here is the breakdown of the party:

The invitations

I used PicMonkey to design a graphic display with all the information. Here it is – with some fake info for obvious reasons 🙂


I then attached this to some cardstock for some awesome custom DIY invitations. For the background graphics, I used a Pink & Gold Digital Paper Backgrounds Pack that I bought off Etsy for $4.46. It was well worth the cost because I also used the images for the decorations and some other projects (I love the gold glitter one!)

The decorations

Using the same backgrounds from the invites, I created a happy birthday banner:


And a welcome sign for the door:


I then jazzed the space up by swagging $1 plastic tablecloths from the dollar store and decorating with paper fans which M was lovely enough to help me make the night before. We also decorated the front walkway with some sidewalk chalk but the rain unfortunately washed it away.

The food

We went with an afternoon/dinner thing because I wanted to turn this into a social event for the parents too – complete with cocktails 🙂

We had fruit and veggies to start and then did some hotdogs, hamburgers and chicken burgers on the bbq. Easy (because M took care of it, lol) and relatively inexpensive.

We let L pick her cake and she went with her fave, carrot cake! I also did a DIY sundae bar which the kids (and parents!) LOVED!

The activities

We were hoping for some warm and sunny weather to get everyone outside and then kids doing some water-based activities but the forecast was not on our side. It rained the entire afternoon and all 27 of us were confined to our 850 square foot bungalow. Thankfully we had our finished basement to double the space! The kids were content with running around, playing with toys and watching Frozen but I also set up an art station to keep the kids entertained.


This was easy enough to do with some wrapping paper taped to the wall and a bunch of stickers from the dollar store. I considered leaving some markers as well but didn’t want to chance that they would end up all over the walls or couch!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

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