First Day of School Chalkboard Signs

Today was L’s first day of junior kindergarten so of course I had to commemorate the occasion with a DIY!


I made a ‘chalkboard’ “first day of junior kindergarten” sign using Pic MonkeyΒ and then put it in a picture frame.


I have plans to take a picture on the first and last day of school all the way through elementary school.

Planning ahead, I’ve made all my signs in advance.Β  Feel free to use!

theelmlife_DIY_jkfirst theelmlife_DIY_jklast theelmlife_DIY_skfirst theelmlife_DIY_sklast

theelmlife_DIY_gr1first theelmlife_DIY_gr1last theelmlife_DIY_gr2first theelmlife_DIY_gr2last theelmlife_DIY_gr3first theelmlife_DIY_gr3last theelmlife_DIY_gr4first theelmlife_DIY_gr4last

theelmlife_DIY_gr5first theelmlife_DIY_gr5last theelmlife_DIY_gr6first theelmlife_DIY_gr6last theelmlife_DIY_gr7first theelmlife_DIY_gr7last theelmlife_DIY_gr8first theelmlife_DIY_gr8last

7 thoughts on “First Day of School Chalkboard Signs

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