OOTD: Burgundy Pants & Blazer

I had a bit of a challenge getting dressed this morning because I had to dress for 2 very different events: something comfortable for a staff meeting which would include active components and then something a bit more formal for an alumni panel I was sitting on at my former university.

I went with burgundy pants, a grey t-shirt, a black blazer and a jazzy necklace.Β  This entire outfit, including the shoes and necklace, was $65.Β  Not bad for some multipurpose items!

theelmlife_ootd_burgundypants theelmlife_ootd_burgundypants1

theelmlife_ootd_burgundypants3 theelmlife_ootd_burgundypants4

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9 thoughts on “OOTD: Burgundy Pants & Blazer

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