Weekend Update

Whew… what a weekend!

On Saturday morning M and I hosted an annual mommy group Halloween brunch.  All of the families have been getting together for 4 years (I wrote about this last year) and it’s so fun to watch the kiddos grow together (and all the fun costumes!)


On the menu?  Cinnamon buns, brown sugar cranberry pecan baked brie, quiche, peanut butter banana chocolate chip quesadillas, fruit and croissants.  Yum!


After everyone had gone home, it was nap time and then off to my parents’ place for a sleepover for the girls.

Originally M and I had planned to go to a Halloween party but after dealing with a cold and a probable concussion (I hit my head earlier in the week and am still recovering 😦 ), we decided to grab an early dinner and turn in for the night.

We went to Hogtown Smoke down in the Beach and while the food was great, it was a little overpriced for my liking.


We walked by the lake after dinner and then headed home.  We were in bed by 9:00 and slept right through to 8:30!  I couldn’t tell you the last time that happened!

When my mum brought the girls back this morning, she and I headed downtown for lunch and a show.


We saw The Book of Mormon which was vulgar, offensive and completely hilarious!  If you aren’t one to offend easily, I would totally recommend checking it out.

While I was out, M and the girls had a great time carving pumpkins.  He even had the girls ‘design’ them before he got to cutting.  What a smart daddy he is!



Now we are all ready for Halloween!


Has anyone else already started the countdown until next weekend? 🙂

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