DIY Kitchen Word Art Artwork

Here is a project I worked on months ago but totally forgot about posting!

It is some DIY word art artwork for the kitchen:


I used word processing to make the word art by repeating the words ‘Eat’, ‘Drink’ and ‘Enjoy’ several times in different fonts.

After printing off the documents, I framed them with dollar store picture frames and propped them up above the doorway leading from the kitchen to the dinning room.

**Update: I have updated this word art and printables are now available. Check them out!


10 thoughts on “DIY Kitchen Word Art Artwork

  1. I LOVE these prints. Unfortunately, I have spent hours and hours trying to recreate them…without luck. Do you have a download you would be willing to sale?

    • Thanks for your interest Marilyn! Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the originals but I’ll create some new ones! Check back in a couple days. It will be a new post.

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