Holiday Pajamas & Pancakes Family Party

I love entertaining and I love having people over to the house.  With the girls being the age they are and many of our friends with kids of their own, it’s hard to get together and host them like we used to.  I think I discovered a balance with my idea to host a holiday family party this year for 12 families from daycare, school and the neighbourhood.

The theme is ‘Pajamas & Pancakes’.  Kids (and parents!) will have the opportunity to sample our hot chocolate bar, decorate a holiday-themed cookie, make their own ornament and, of course, stuff themselves with pancakes and all the fixings!

Additionally, we asked families to bring a gift for charity to the party which I will be bringing to the toy drive at work.

To let invitees know about the event, I made up a graphic invite using Pic Monkey.  For obvious reasons, the below image doesn’t have all the personal details 🙂


How cute is this?  I love how it turned out!

With the party being less than 2.5 weeks away, I need to prioritize some of my upcoming projects to ensure the house is in good shape.  I want to try to get some holiday decorations up but I don’t know if we’ll go full out with the tree.  Especially with all those extra people in the house – I don’t know where we’ll put everyone!

Interested in hosting your own Pajamas & Pancakes Holiday Party?

Feel free to use the below invite template which has a space for you to add in your own info.  Happy planning!


**Update: Here is the invite for the 2015 edition of our Pajamas & Pancakes party:


And here’s the invite for the 2016 edition:


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12 thoughts on “Holiday Pajamas & Pancakes Family Party

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    • Thanks for bringing this to my attention Jenny. I just realized that the template didn’t open into a larger image when you clicked on it. I’ve fixed it now so hopefully this works for you. Please let me know!

  4. I love this invitation! However, I am not understanding on how to edit the file to add my own information. When I click on it I just get a picture of the invitation.

    • Thanks Megan! If you right click on the picture, you will be able to save the image to your computer. You will then need to import it into a program which would allow you to add your text on top. You can use Word or PowerPoint from office or you can use which is free photo editing (and what I used to originally create the invitation). Hope this helps. Good luck!

    • Hi DeAnna. We had arts and crafts materials for the kids but our main activity was felt ornaments that the kids decorated with sparkly jewels. We kept the menu pretty simple… a hot chocolate bar, different types of pancakes for dinner and decorate your own cookie for dessert!

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