Holiday Productivity

Today is my first full day of holiday vacation. I am super excited to have 3.5 weeks off from work! While I don’t have any plans for exciting travel, I do have intentions of being super productive. My plan is to do something productive each day.

Here is what the next few weeks have in store:

Vacation Tasks


  • Do a present inventory to ensure I haven’t missed anything (or bought too much!)
  • Wrap presents
  • Finish up my homemade gifts


  • Rebrand the blog for the new year (I’m excited about this one!!!)
  • Purge my closet
  • Clean out the playroom (make room for the new toys coming in!)
  • Take a trip to Ikea


  • Re-decorate the bathroom (painting too!)
  • Work on my living room gallery wall
  • Organize/set-up the desk in the basement
  • DIY some artwork for the bedroom
  • Finish organizing the entry way (why does the project never end!?!)
  • Set up new dress up storage in the playroom

I’m sure this list will continue to grow but I look forward to sharing my progress with you!

Do you have any exciting plans for your vacation time?

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