DIY Gem Canvas Artwork

I’ve got a few days left of my vacation and I have been hammering out productivity like nobody’s business this week!

I finished my gallery wall earlier this week but before I share it on the blog, I wanted to share some of the DIY artwork project which are now proudly displayed in my dining room.

This gem artwork was made using canvas, electrical tape and markers, and only took about 15 minutes!


I had all the materials on hand so the project was quite cost effective as well.  Even if you had to purchase the materials, it wouldn’t cost much as they are all available at the dollar store.

I started by using the electrical tape to create my gem.  There was a little trial and error with spacing but the tape was easy enough to readjust.


Once the gem was in place, I added some text.  I went with “don’t let anyone steal your sparkle”.  I added the apostrophe in “don’t” after I took the below pic – I am not a grammar slacker 🙂


The canvas looks great in my eclectic gallery wall which I am very excited to share soon!


4 thoughts on “DIY Gem Canvas Artwork

    • It was such an easy project and there are so many options with different types of tape (like fun coloured washi tape!) or gem shapes!

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