Updated Bathroom Sneak Peek

I recently updated our main bathroom.  I changed the paint, bought new textiles and switched up our organization.  The bathroom isn’t completely done yet (still need to hang a shelf and create some artwork) but I wanted to share a quick sneak peek before I get too busy and don’t get around to finishing it 🙂

Here are my favourite highlights in the new space!

A new shower curtain which set the colour scheme for the room: grey, coral and aqua.


Ikea’s Bygel system which was set-up on the wall by the sink.


My own make-up shelf!


21 thoughts on “Updated Bathroom Sneak Peek

  1. Love the new colour scheme! I’m so into choral and aqua! What a great idea using that Ikea system in the bathroom!…and then you can just put those little hanging bins in the dishwasher too! I’m totally inspired and going to try and figure out how to incorporate that system into our washroom!

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