DIY Quote Artwork

My yet-to-be revealed gallery wall is a random compilation of photos, framed patterns, mirrors and DIY word art (like my gem artwork and my family name artwork).  Adding to the word art, I created this framed quote which was super easy to pull together.

I started with an old piece of artwork that M had won at a golf tourney years ago (which means the piece was very budget-friendly!)


Using the other side of the print, I spaced out some guide markings (like my Frozen pencil?)


Rather that drawing lines all the way across and then erasing them afterward, I just lined up a large piece of paper between the guide points on each side to keep me level.  Then I free-handed it with a Sharpie.


I used some lyrics from mine and M’s wedding song – From This Moment by Shania Twain.  I thought this would be lovely and sappy and sentimental hanging next to our wedding photos 🙂


Because I free-handed the text, the spacing is a bit wonky – squished in some places and stretched out in others.  It also resulted in the lyrics being cut out in a weird place (the remainder of the line is “I’d give my last breath.  From this moment on.” if anyone is curious).  I may re-do this piece in the future, but for now it hangs proudly in my dining room!


2 thoughts on “DIY Quote Artwork

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