OOTD: Lace Blazer (Plus Impromptu Photo Shoot)

I love my lace blazer.  I got it a few years ago and it does a great job of polishing up any outfit.  I got it from Winners and from what I recall, it was around the $25 mark.  I wore it today with a lilac t-shirt, jewelled necklace and grey skinny pants.

In the middle of my staged outfit of the day photo shoot, the girls wanted in on the action.  We had a ton of fun and I wanted to share some of those pics too…

theelmlife_ootd_laceblazer theelmlife_ootd_laceblazer4

theelmlife_ootd_laceblazer3 theelmlife_ootd_laceblazer2

theelmlife_ootd_laceblazer5 theelmlife_ootd_laceblazer6

Recognize the necklace?  I’ve worn it before with a cocktail dress.

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