DIY Name Art – V is for Victoria

Here’s a random update for you… I recently engaged in a bartering-based relationship with one of the other mums at daycare.  Curious how it works?  I help make her house a bit more ‘homey’ (through DIY and home decor  projects) and she cooks our family food!  So far we’ve had one exchange: I made her some artwork for her daughter’s room and she made us a vegetarian lasagna.

Here’s the artwork I made for her daughter Victoria who is in E’s room at daycare.



I framed it and then of course forgot to take a pic of the final product.  For the visual readers out there, it is in a chunky white frame with white matting.  The artwork is printed as an 8 x 10.  It looks adorable – I promise 🙂

I used PicMonkey to make the artwork and while it was super easy to do, it took some time to ensure I had the circles lined up.  I also spent more time than I should have selecting my fonts.

Like this name art?  Be sure to check out the below projects too!




2 thoughts on “DIY Name Art – V is for Victoria

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