Project Planning

Despite the fact that I have planned projects that I haven’t yet started (new dress-up storage for the girls, my desk/craft station downstairs) or finished projects I haven’t yet posted about (the updated bathroom, the gallery wall in the dining room), I have been turning my mind to new projects.

I’ve got 3 projects I’m pretty excited about…

Project 1: Move E into L’s room

Because we have a 3 bedroom house, we’ve always talked about moving the girls into a shared bedroom to accommodate another baby, when (and if!) we go that route.  While that isn’t in our immediate plans, we still want to move the girls into the same room.  Because the space isn’t huge, I started looking into bunk beds.  Right now I am loving the Kura Reversible Bed from Ikea.  It is a loft bed that is low to the ground.  I would put E’s mattress right on the floor underneath.


Instead of a ladder, I like the idea of using the Trofast shelving unit as steps.  This may cut down on falls while increasing the amount of storage in the room!


With both girls in one room, we will have an extra bedroom which brings me to project 2…

Project 2: Turn E’s old room into a playroom

While the girls have a playroom in the basement, we spend a lot of time upstairs (the main floor of our bungalow) and the girls stuff has slowly taken over our living and dining rooms.  I have plans to move everything into the second bedroom and also set up a tv with a dvd player so they can watch movies without hijacking the main tv.

The main feature of the room is going to be a Hemnes tv unit which I am going to turn into a window seat/lounge area.


This is the general idea but will look different because there will be shelves flanking the seat and there won’t be the shelves in the middle.

Project 3: Add ‘build-ins’ to the living room

In the picture below, I love how they have set up shelves all around the door.  In our living room, we have an entrance to the dining room which is similar in layout that I want to surround with shelves.  I’m hoping this will be a good use of space in our living room and hopefully open up some space.



While there are still a few months before we start these projects, I’m excited to spend some time in the planning phase and properly preparing for these updates.

Do you have any projects you are excited to get started?



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