In My Bag – Work Edition

When I was a kid, I loved back to school.  It wasn’t going back to class or meeting new teachers that I loved… it was the preparations.  Making lists of what school supplies to stock up on, picking my first day of school outfit, packing my backpack… I lived for that!

With starting my new job tomorrow, I saw this as an opportunity to let my inner keener shine!

My commuting bag is packed and all ready to go!  I’m using my Michael Kors tote which I bought when I went back to work after my second mat leave.


It is big enough to hold all my stuff but easy enough to bring on the subway.

Here’s what I’m bringing with me for my first day…


1. My wallet.  Kind of a no-brainer but I wanted to highlight this because it is new.  I got it as part of a 3 for $10 sale so $3.30… score!  It is big enough to also fit my phone.

2. My make-up case.  In here I’ve got a compact, chap stick, lip stick, hand sanitizer, hand cream, a nail file, eye drops, a glasses cleaning cloth, mints, a toothbrush and toothpaste.

3. A case for my phone-related gear.  This is a camera case but it works perfectly to compactly store my phone charger and a pair of headphones.

4. Some stationary.  I’m fairly certain I will be given office supplies at my new job but just in case, I’ve brought some things to get me through the first day… a notebook, a few pens and a mini-calendar.

5. A coin purse.  Because my new job is located downtown, I will now be commuting on the subway.  This is a cute way to store my tokens.

6. A travel mug.  My new office has a Starbucks a couple doors over… this could get dangerous!  Like the coffee cup cozy?  My sister-in-law made it for me for Christmas.  Thanks Michelle!

7. A travel shopping bag.  I am very close to shops and may be tempted to do some shopping on my lunch break 🙂

In addition to the items above, I’ll also pack my lunch and a pair of shoes which I will change into once I’m inside and safe from the snow!

Anything I’m missing?  What would you bring to work on your first day?


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