Buy ‘n’ Brag: Dress & Laptop Sleeve

The shopping gods were smiling on me today! I decided to hit up the downtown Marshalls today at lunch as I was in the market for a new purse and a pair of rain boots.

My trip started out a little disappointing when there wasn’t a great selection of boots and I (surprisingly!) talked myself out of yet another purse.

I decided to poke though the clothing racks and I saw a dress I was immediately drawn to.


I love the combination of colours (very similar to my printable from last week!) and I could easily see this piece transitioning from season to season, work to play. After trying it on, I was sold! Shopping win #1 for the day.

On the way out, I quickly checked the tech accessories department because I am in need of a laptop sleeve for work. I have been putting off purchasing one for the last few weeks because I haven’t found one I am entirely in love with. Maybe my criteria was too high… just a sleeve because I didn’t want anything bulky which would prevent me from sticking it in another bag but I wanted it to have a handle so I could easily carry it on its own. Oh, and of course it had so look cute! I came across one at Staples the other day that I really liked but it was damaged.


Well wouldn’t you know the exact same one (minus the part about being damaged) was at Marshalls and it was only $14.99!  $35 cheaper?!?  Shopping win #2.

As for shopping win #3? I went to pull out my loyalty card when I was paying and realized I had a gift card. I didn’t remember when it was from but I was fairly certain it would only have a few bucks on it. Well, it had never been used and had $50 just waiting for me to spend! Today is a good day 🙂

I hope everyone else is enjoying their Friday!

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