DIY Fabric Garland

Another project from the gallery wall… a fabric garland.

Start with your materials: scrap fabric, yarn or twine (I went with twine because I wanted a rustic feel) and scissors.  I just used materials I had lying around so this project was very inexpensive (i.e., free!) to make.


Then cut your fabric into strips.  The size of the strips will depend on the size of garland you want.  Mine is small so they were only 10 inches by half and inch (give or take – I wasn’t fussy)


Once your strips are cut, go ahead and knot them all at the top.


Then you can thread your twine or tread through the opening at the top that your knot has made.  I used 24 fabric pieces to make my garland.


To hang the garland on the wall, I hung 2 small nails and knotted the twine around them.



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