Buy ‘n’ Brag: Decorative Accents

Earlier this week after the low-down from a friend, I paid a visit to the Vendables Gift and Décor Outlet.  I’d never been I am glad I made the trek out to Richmond Hill!

It was kind of like a Home Sense but everything was an additional 50% off the sticker price!  If you are from the GTA, and love decorative items, I recommend checking them out before they close their doors on Thursday.



I bought $150 worth of stuff but only paid $75.  Here are some of my favourite finds:

Faux birch ‘Home’ sign.  Paid $2.75.


String of battery-operated heart lights.  Paid $3.50 (and that included 3 batteries!)


Gold link necklace.  Paid $5.00.


Owl figurine.  Paid $2.75.


Faux leather tissue box holder.  Paid $5.00.


2 decorative lilac vases.  The tall one was $1.50 and the rounder one was $0.75.



Other items I came away with included decorative bins and baskets, picture frames and candle holders.  Now to find places to put it all…

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