Paper Box Tutorial

I came across this video the other day from Michael’s promoting their DIY Paper Box Class Preview.

I was intrigued so I checked out Pinterest and found this awesome graphic from



Here’s how to do it.  If my instructions are unclear at any point, please check out the original source for her awesome tutorial.  I use a 12 x 12 piece of scrapbook paper.

Step 1: fold the 4 corners of the paper into the middle of the paper (like an X, not a cross).


Step 2: fold the top and bottom edges into the centre of the paper.


Step 3: unfold the folds you just made, rotate your paper 90 degrees and fold the new top and bottom edges (previously the side edges) into the centre of the paper.


Step 4: fold each corner in.


Step 5: unfold the corners and the top and bottom folds.


Step 6: fold up the sides using the pre-existing fold creases.


Step 7: this step is a bit tricky to explain so I recommend using the graphic instead!  You want to use the pre-existing fold creases to tuck in the top of the sides you just folded up.


Step 8:fold down the flap to make the side of the box.


Step 9: do the same on the other side and now you have a box!



I don’t know if it was just the paper I used but I had some trouble getting the sides to stay down (as you can see in the pic above).  That can easily be fixed with some tape.

I tried making 2 so I would have a lid but what I didn’t factor in was making the second box slightly bigger so it would fit over the first box.  Maybe next time, lol.


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