Project Planning – Girls’ Room

M and I have some big projects planned for this summer.  We are planning to update the living room, move E into L’s room and change E’s room into a playroom/media room for the kiddos.  We’ll start with L’s room but we’re hoping to get it all done in a span of a few weeks when we both have overlapping vacation time.

I’ve been planning away for the updates and am excited to share what we’re planning!

L’s room is currently beige with accents of fuchsia, brown, white and gold.  We are going to be changing it to white with accents of light pink, grey, black, white and gold.

I found a couple pre-made mood boards (from Living with Love and A Joyful Riot) which do a great job of sharing my vision for the colour scheme (please click on the images for the original sources):

7bf120abc636e62667c963ef5d6e52ff   da423a868f4863b1bc6ca53b3f3ad42a


I also found a couple digital paper packs (from Teachers Pay Teachers and Etsy) that I will probably be purchasing for some easy-peasy artwork (please click on the images for the original sources):

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To fit both girls in the room, we are going with the Kura pseudo bunk bed from Ikea.  L will be on the top and E will sleep on a mattress on the floor like the image below from Pinterest (I couldn’t find the original source):



I will also be purchasing the Trofast shelf from Ikea (as seen in the image above) to use at steps.

The girls will also need new bedding.  Both girls are currently using toddler-sized bedding so they’ll need something bigger plus something that matches the new colour scheme.

I’m considering this bedding from Bed, Bath & Beyond:


Or this bedding from



I’m super excited for this project and can’t wait to get started!

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