Pillow Inspiration

Have you guys heard of Society6?  I came across them recently when searching Pinterest for inexpensive throw pillows.  I highly recommend checking them out.  All of their throw pillow covers are $20 and they also have load of other items including artwork prints, clothing and other home decor items.

We are updating our living room this summer and I’ve been looking for throw pillow with bright colours and fun designs to incorporate some visual interest into the space.  I’ve narrowed it down to my top 12 from Society6.  Is that excessive?  There were just too many to choose from!  Also, because we are painting the space white and our couch is beige, the colour options are wide open!

Here are my faves:

6d3505528fd80fd7681168e652849b80 58d0029ff42ecebfa07e7a59c9526c63 66fae2b3c6f44fe62e602d32a21767c9 743ab5fa9a9766829a04fa1edb8ca4f2 74029c3485153a9ee625a2ee37ddcc70 a86b37bfabe73e7ab23992772168d148 bf871681db76339736a01a52f0503957 c4dc72f3a5d20bef633f9a025aaf208b c46fa07018e8f43c516178e4b68692e7 d612e19cda3a56854c2ae300fae6a382 d768e64e0df411b71beba52b843af001 fa516cc87a946b9bbd2d70fca1c0b7d3

Do you have a favourite?  Let me know and help me pick!

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