Project Planning – Entryway

I am forever struggling with our entryway.  I think my issue stems from all the stuff we have and the lack of a formal front hall (including a closet).  I have some big plans to change up the system we currently have in place and I think this one is going to be a winner!

My 3 point plan is to:

1. Introduce a system for paper organization.  We have a lot of paper coming into our house: flyers, bills, magazines, school notices, artwork coming home from daycare, etc., etc., etc.  I need somewhere to put it all!  I’ve tried paper trays and a DIY which included hobby wood and clothes pins.  Unfortunately, these systems aren’t working for us.  My new plan is the Kvissle Wall Magazine Rack from Ikea.  I’m going to mount this by the door and have a slot for all the different types of paper we deal with on a daily basis.


2. Create places where family member can dump their pocket collections.  I’ve tried small bins where family members can unload their pocket contents but the execution didn’t work out all that great.  New plan?  The Ikea Algot wall mounted storage system right by the front door.


3. Integrate more streamlined storage into our entryway.  We have a decent amount of storage currently but it is a bit all over the place, in more ways that one.  We have a couple cubbie shelves on the front wall of the house plus a cubbie bench with hooks and another shelf on the adjacent wall.  Storage is taking up the whole front corner of the house and is making an already small space seem tiny.  I want to be a bit smarter with my storage and plan on using our existing Ikea Hemnes tv unit to do so.



We are planning to make these changes in a few weeks when me and M have some overlapping vacation time.

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