Living Room Progress

This past week M and I started on our living room.  We painted, we rearranged and now all we have to do is organize and decorate!  Here is our progress to date:

Entryway before:


Entryway currently:


Still to do:

  • organize shelves
  • add hooks for coats
  • install a new organizing/storage system by the front door

Couch area before:


Couch area currently:


Still to do:

  • organize shelves
  • hang large mirror above couch

I didn’t take a picture of the TV area before but it was overwhelmed by a very large (but very functional!) TV unit:



TV area/entryway after:


Still to do:

  • add photos above TV
  • organize shelves

I’m planning on working on my still to dos this week – stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Living Room Progress

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