OOTD: White Dress

Today was a little cool in Toronto in comparison to the crazy heat we have been getting.  I’m clinging to summer though and trying to squeeze in all the outfits I haven’t yet worn, this dress included!

This dress has been in my closet for years and I don’t wear it very often.  I’m pretty sure the last time it made an appearance was when I was pregnant with L, over 5 years ago…


There is a little more room in the dress these days (because, you know, I’m not gestating a baby), but a belt around the waist easily gives it some much needed shape.

theelmlife_ootd_whitedress1 theelmlife_ootd_whitedress2

theelmlife_ootd_whitedress4 theelmlife_ootd_whitedress3

This last picture cracks me up.  I was legit on the phone but continued snapping pictures without paying much attention.  Time is money, people! 🙂

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