OOTD: Taylor Swift Concert! (from yesterday)

Yesterday was the Taylor Swift concert and I went with something a little bit feminine, a little bit rock and roll, and a whole lot of chic.


theelmlife_ootd_tswift theelmlife_ootd_tswift2

theelmlife_ootd_tswift3 theelmlife_ootd_tswift4

I lucked into finding the blush-coloured tube dress (which was entirely too short to actually be worn as a dress) on the sale rack for $10.

Also, I got my faux leather leggings for buy-one-get-one 50% off, so they were technically only $8. Β I received quite a few compliments on this outfit, including L who told me that while I looked beautiful, Taylor Swift would probably be wearing something prettier πŸ˜›

The concert was great although L only made it about halfway through before falling asleep.

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One thought on “OOTD: Taylor Swift Concert! (from yesterday)

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