Product Review: Jamberry Nail Wraps

Have you guys heard of Jamberry nail wraps?  They are like stickers for your nails that you apply using a heat source so they stay put for up to 2 weeks.  I tried them out last month and here is my review.

Full disclosure that I received a set of wraps for free.  That being said, the opinions expressed are completely my own.

I tried out the wraps on 2 different occasions.  The first time around didn’t go so well.  It took me about 40 minutes to get the full set on and there were lots of wrinkle and bubbles.  As a result, they didn’t last too long because they started peeling by the second day.  By day 3 I had peeled them all off!

Recognizing that there were some errors on my end with the application, I tried again.  The second time, it only took about 30 minutes to get them applied.  I still had a couple wrinkles but not nearly as many as the first time around!  The second time, the nails made it to 9 days before one of them fell off.  They made it through chores, volleyball and strumming on the guitar.

For me, the worst part about the wraps was the application process.  It was time consuming with a lot of steps… cutting, heating, pasting, heating again, cutting again and filing.  I’d imagine that with practice, this can be cut down by another 10-15 minutes.

The best part about the wraps for me is definitely the selection available.  So many patterns, colours and seasonal designs!

So, would I try them again?  Yes, I think the concept is fantastic and I would be willing to give it another shot (and even pay out of pocket to do so!)  A sheet of Jamberry nail wraps is $17.50 and each one will give you 2-3 manicures.

Would I recommend them to a friend?  Yes, but I would fully disclose some of the issues I had.  A few of my lady friends may even be getting a sheet of these for Christmas 🙂

If you are interested in more information or ordering wraps, I recommend connecting with Laura Smith (  She is super passionate about her role as a consultant and is very knowledgeable.  She offered plenty of tips and tricks and even offered to set up a Skype call to help me out.  Talk about helpful!

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Jamberry Nail Wraps

  1. I tried these and have mixed feelings about them. They only took me about 25 minutes to apply and were done without any bubbles, I didn’t experience any peeling, and I actually really enjoyed the process (but I also used to paint my nails religiously every Sunday evening before having a wee one and thoroughly enjoyed the investment of time). I just found that dollar value wasn’t really there. They lasted about 10 days and I found that I had to use more of the wraps than they advertise because several of my fingers needed the same size sheet. If I didn’t care about toxins, I would just go get a manicure and think you probably get better value doing that, but the reason I use Jamberry is because they’re completely toxin free so for this reason I will continue to use them. 🙂

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