Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Is anyone else battling this cold that seems to be going around?  All 4 of us are sick and miserable!  And just in time for the long weekend, lol.

Anyway, our corner kitchen cabinet has been a project I’ve been wanting to tackle for a while.


It was a legit disaster in there.  Small appliances, cooking vessels and serving gear – all shoved in wherever there was space.  Items were piled up which made it such a process to get to something at the bottom of the pile because everything had to come out.  Notice the coffee maker precariously balancing on the food processor?

To fix the problem, I used a modified shoe organizer.  Its intended use is as one unit with 3 shelves.  I separated it into 2 pieces and removed one of the shelves to give more room for larger objects underneath.


Now everything has a proper place and I can get to items without knocking down a mountain of kitchen supplies.  And all it took was a little creative problem solving!


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