Check-in & Project Planning

I seriously cannot believe October is almost over.  I have been completely swamped this month and with work, school and family stuff, I haven’t had much time for projects (or posts!)

Sidebar, here is a pic of the girls from Thanksgiving.


Back to the post… I’m hopeful that November will calm down and to get me back on track, I made a list (quite soothing for a type A, lol).

I went through the house, room by room, and identify all the projects I want to work on over the next few months.  Here’s what I’m looking at…


  • clean out closet
  • get rid of wardrobe
  • buy new bed

Second bedroom (formerly E’s room, now playroom):

  • create homework station
  • set-up reading nook
  • move shelves to basement

Girls’ room:

  • hang picture ledges (1 up, 2 more to go!)
  • hang mirror
  • make and hang initial artwork

Dining room:

  • move buffet and hutch
  • hang curtains
  • install photo wall
  • move gallery wall
  • hang shelf above entry to living room


  • clean off top of fridge
  • hanging storage for cleaning supplies


  • purge toys
  • flip play area and office area
  • clean out guest room area
  • new costume storage

There’s a lot but I’m not completely overwhelmed.  My strategy is to prioritize starting with the basement and the girls’ room.  My goal is to get these project out of the way before Christmas!  I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

3 thoughts on “Check-in & Project Planning

  1. Sounds like a full but exciting November coming up ahead! I completely agree about having a type A personality, and needing to make a list! 🙂

    • For me it also needs to be a pen and paper list which is then transfered into Excel. My type A may also have a little bit of OCD, lol.

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