DIY Custom Bunting

Are you looking for a quick and inexpensive home decor project that is totally customizable to your space?  Why not try a paper bunting?!?

You’ll need paper, scissors, glue and twine or ribbon.


Start by cutting your paper into triangles.  I used small square-sized scrapbook paper so all I had to do was cut it in half on the diagonal.


Next, glue the triangles to your twine or ribbon.  I used a glue gun but also doubled up with a piece of masking tape.


And there you have it!


I hung the bunting in the girls’ room – above the mirror and below the window.


This project is a great option if you are looking for artwork in a room with a unique (or complicated!) colour scheme.  You can bring all the colours together yourself rather than searching for something that is pre-made.

6 thoughts on “DIY Custom Bunting

  1. Great easy to do DIY! Should have done it in more festive colours 😉 I posted two DIYs into one post today so thought I’d let you know as it could interest you 🙂

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