DIY Initial Artwork

Back in the summer, my neighbours put a bunch of freebies out on their front lawn.  M hates it when I take other people’s garbage (it happen more than I should probably admit, lol) but these pictures were calling my name.  They originally came from Ikea and while I was impartial about the pictures, I knew I could repurpose the frames!

Here’s what I started with:





After some paint and embellishments (most of which I had sitting around the house), I had initial artwork for L and E.

theelmlife_diy_girlsinitialartwork2 theelmlife_diy_girlsinitialartwork3

I lurve how these turned out!!!

I have hung them on either side of window in the girls’ room, above the new hooks I installed to hang sweaters.


I have almost finished all the projects I had planned for the girls’ room!  Just a few more and I’ll be able to show off the end product!  With us hosting our pajamas and pancakes party on New Year’s, my goal is to hammer through a bunch of projects the week after Christmas when I have some time off work.

2 thoughts on “DIY Initial Artwork

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