Wear My Closet Challenge – Week 7

A day late but here is how last week went…


Day 1: colour band maxi dress

theelmlife_wearmycloset_7.1 theelmlife_wearmycloset_7.1a

Day 2: printed dress, fedora

theelmlife_wearmycloset_7.2 theelmlife_wearmycloset_7.2a

Day 3: maxi skirt, printed blouse

theelmlife_wearmycloset_7.3 theelmlife_wearmycloset_7.3b

Day 4: graphic maxi dress

theelmlife_wearmycloset_7.4 theelmlife_wearmycloset_7.4a

Day 5: mint jeggings, floral blouse

theelmlife_wearmycloset_7.5 theelmlife_wearmycloset_7.5a

Day 6: skinny jeans, oversized cardigan, scarf

theelmlife_wearmycloset_7.6 theelmlife_wearmycloset_7.6a

Day 7: burgundy pants, white button-down, peplum top

theelmlife_wearmycloset_7.7 theelmlife_wearmycloset_7.7a

If you’ve missed previous weeks, you can catch up here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6 (Part 1), Week 6 (Part 2)

Also, you can check out my outfit of the day posts here: OOTD

2 thoughts on “Wear My Closet Challenge – Week 7

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