2015 Goals Check-in

As we transition into 2016 (am I the only one wondering where the last few months of 2015 went?!?), I am gearing up to make some goals for the upcoming year.  Before I do so, I thought it would make sense to check-in on my 2015 goals that I shared with you a year ago.

Here’s how I did!


Family goals:

  • Update our budget for 2015 and set our financial milestones for the year – I actually revisited this several times last year and will be doing so again in the next month or so
  • Take a family vacation – it didn’t happen until mid-December but we did get away down south
  • Participate in more activities with the girls and provide more experiences – between visits to the zoo, splash pads, parks, playgrounds, the library and theme parks/carnivals, I think we covered this one!

Professional Goals

  • Start turning my mind to what comes next for me career-wise – it was a month and a half after I originally posted this that I actually started a new job!
  • Look to build the skills I would need to get there – I kinda skipped over this step but I continued to develop myself professionally throughout the year through webinars, workshops and conferences
  • Continue to build my professional networks – I’m making new friends everyday!
  • Explore some options for further education – yup… I started my Masters in September

Health & Fitness Goals

  • Bring more physical activity into my life – since I started working downtown, I have definitely been walking more each day.  I also started playing volleyball again which was great exercise once a week
  • Eat more vegetables – I think I’ve done ok with this one!
  • Eat less processed/convenience foods – still a weakness of mine!

Blog Goals

  • Rebrand the blog with new visuals – I updated my WordPress theme, colour scheme and my logo last January
  • Update my “About” page – I added some new messaging and photos almost a year ago now.  I think I may need some new pictures for 2016!
  • Introduce some collaborations into the blog – I tried a few things but unfortunately nothing took off
  • Expand my social media (e.g., platforms I’m using, followers I have) – I increased my followers but didn’t really go beyond my comfort zone when it came to social media


Overall, I think I did quite well!  Did you reflect on your 2015 goals?  How did you do?

Now to figure out my 2016 goals!

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