Planning for 2016

Despite being a total textbook Type A, I somehow managed to put off identifying my goals for 2016 until past the halfway point in January.  I guess I’ve been busy!

Upon reflection, I did quite well with my 2015 goals.  Some of my 2016 goals build on what I accomplished in 2015 and some are brand new.

I’ve broken my goals into a few different categories.  Here they are!

House goals

  • rearrange the dining room
  • move the wardrobe out of the bedroom
  • set-up the guest room in the basement
  • get in an engineer to scope out our foundation to see if extensive renos are possible
  • develop (and stick to!) a chore schedule

Financial goals

  • develop a 2016 budget
  • set-up an RESP for the girls (currently just using a TFSA)
  • continue to build up our emergency savings
  • put an extra lump-sum payment toward our mortgage
  • spend less each week on fast food

Family goals

  • get away for a kid-free weekend with M
  • try to yell less (is there a mum who doesn’t have this on her goals list?!?)
  • eat meals at the table with no tech
  • do another family photo shoot
  • have monthly family nights (complete with picnics in the living room, board games and bonding!)

So, there you have it!  I’m excited to see what 2016 will bring!


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