OOTD: Baby Bump!

Now that the word is out that I’m preggo, I can show off my third-time-around-so-it’s-way-bigger-than-it-should-be baby bump.  My last OOTD post was all about sucking in and deceptive angles, lol.

Lately I’ve been rocking a lot of leggings because I only  have one pair of maternity pants and they’re the only season appropriate attire that fits (I’m desperately waiting for the warm weather so I can taking advantage of stretchy maxi dresses!)  Today’s selection had an ankle zipper so they felt a little fancier than plain leggings.  I also wore a longer tank, a kimono-type cover and a long necklace.

wp-1459368145578.jpg wp-1459368075182.jpgwp-1459368091925.jpg wp-1459368202836.jpg

Being pregnant doesn’t need to mean unfashionable!

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